Twinem 2.0 Locked Up

You can’t spell Championship with out CH.  The reference behind this is the Sailors have locked up Braeden “Chubbs” Twinem to its roster. The 17 year old new comer was a force last season on the Holy Trinity Titans Mens hockey team. Braeden will join his older brother Liam in the Sailors line up this upcoming season. If the organizations scouting report is correct this player will be a fun one for fans to watch.

Braeden Twinem Player Profile.

#12 Braeden Twinem

Nickname – Chubbs

Position – Defenseman

Height – 5’11”

Weight – 180 lbs

Previous Team – Delhi Rockets

Hobbies – Hockey

School/Work – Brick Laying

Favourite Hockey Moment – Playing on the same team as my brother.

Favourite Player – Ethan Patrick

Favourite Team – Port Dover Sailors