Captain Catches 100 in the Shipyard

On Sunday December 11th 2022 the Port Dover Sailors hosted the Hagersville Hawks and it was an exciting afternoon of action.
Sailors Captain and Port Dover native Ben Mason took to the ice sitting at 99 career points!

“We played well with bumping bodies and getting pucks on net today I feel.”
The Captain and two or three opportunities to net the 100th career point but narrowly missed on both chances.

It wasn’t until Mason sent a pass out front to #10 Liam Twinem who then made a quick dish to #16 Derick DaSilva for a goal.
“I was watching the play and thought this is it right here.” said Mason.

After the game Head Coach Mike Walker said he is super happy for Ben.
“Hes our Captain for a reason. His heart, dedication and never give up mentality is something you can’t teach a person.”
“I figured it was just a matter of time before he hit 100, It will be interesting to see where his point total reaches at the end of his career.”

The Sailors went on to win the game by a final score of 5-2.
Mason currently sits 20 points back of 3rd all time in Sailors scoring (Steve Goeree)
And only 27 points behind last years League Leading Scorer and linemate #13 Nick D’Agostino

The whole organization would like to Congratulate Ben on the special achievement.
Way to go Benny Mason!